Friendsgiving 2015

This weekend was our annual Friendsgiving party. Friendsgiving is an epic annual pre-Thanksgiving party that brings all of our friends together to kick off the holiday season and grub on traditional Thanksgiving dishes.  Hosted by our friends Mac & Rebecca for the fourth year in a row, more than twenty of us crowded around tables, squished onto couches, and huddled on the floor to enjoy an impressive array of homemade holiday dishes. In keeping with Friendsgiving tradition there was an incredible amount of food, drink, and laughter and the merriment lasted late into the evening.

Given the amount of food I traditional eat at Friendsgiving wearing high waisted flares was a ballsy move but in the end the snug denim kept me from overdoing it, though I seriously debated unbuttoning my pants to make room for a second helping of the brownie, cheesecake trifle my girl Allison brought.