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After a late morning coffee date with some girlfriends I stopped by Downtown Threads and left with this gorgeous camel cape. Id been hunting for a longer camel coat and this cape was perfect;  its 100% wool and I got it for a song. I would call this cape classic, fairly conservative, but apparently to D it screams orchestral.

 sunnies: dirt chic, wool cape: downtown threads, polo: raplh lauren, scarf: carol maguire home, leggings: tj maxx, flats: target, vintage eel skin clutch, misc bangles, photoshoot: Candidtales.

When I first showed him the cape he hilariously blurted out, it looks like a cello case. As we were heading to the grocery store he asked, are you going to wear your new string section coat to the store? I guess when I called it classic, Ds mind immediately went to classical music? Its possible resemblance to string instruments aside, I plan on wearing and loving this cape well into the winter months.

what cold weather items have started appearing in your daily wardrobe?

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