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This is not surprising but in the initial years of your child’s life, they are more prone to accidental choking which could be seriously harmful to them. We know kids take everything and anything into their mouths and sometimes, these substances could seriously injure your baby. How can you protect your child from choking then?

Just follow these 10 tips and you will be able to prevent your child from choking for a long time, at least until they have become a little smart about such things.

  1. Avoid introducing solids early

Make sure that you don’t introduce any solid food to our infant early on until they are capable of chewing or mashing with their mouth. Just stick to liquid food until they start developing a few teeth or else make sure that the food is mashed properly before you feed them. Take your baby out with you, here are the best jogging strollers for moms who run.

  1. Always keep an eye on their meals

Whenever your baby or your kid is eating, keep an eye on them and their food. On any sign of choking, remove the food bit immediately and make them drink water. It is important to pay attention to them at all points of time.

  1. Keep harmful objects away

Make sure that you keep any potential hazardous item away from your child, this includes sharp objects like needles, pins, etc. and electric wires. There should be no harmful item around your baby at all.

  1. Check for any potential harmful toy

Another thing to keep in mind is that whenever it is the play time, you keep an eye on them and assess their toys before allowing them to play with one. Only give them toys which are safe and which they cannot swallow or hurt themselves with.

  1. Avoid giving food which could get stuck

Whenever you give them food, make sure you don’t give them something which could get stuck like a popcorn, nuts, pretzels, etc. Stay away from such food until your baby can chew their food properly.

  1. Cut up the food into smaller pieces

One of the most important things to keep in mind is once you have introduced the solid food, make sure you cut up the food items into pieces which can be fed to your baby without choking them, so make sure you cut the fruits into eatable bites.You can follow Newmomvintage for more advice and baby related things.

  1. Make your child sit during meal times

Don’t allow your child to run or play during the meal time as this could often lead to choking. Make them sit down during meals and then once they are done, you can allow them to continue with whatever they were doing.

  1. Check the toys for old and damaged parts

Many toys are old and might have a few parts coming off which you child could accidentally swallow and choke upon. Make sure you check all their toys before handing one to them and don’t let them play with any broken toy.

  1. Make sure you keep the floor clean

It is your duty to keep the floor and your child’s environment clean and free of any harmful items they can choke upon.

  1. Be always prepared

You can’t always prevent your child from choking, so make sure that you know how to get the item out of your baby’s mouth and keep the numbers of the doctors and ambulance ready at all times.

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