Woodworking tips : How to Reduce Planer Snipe of your planer

Are you using your planer for some woodworking project of yours? Need to reduce your planer snipe but not sure how? A thickness planer can take off too much material in the beginning or the end of a board which is a real pain, so you need to reduce the planer snipe to avoid this. Grizzly planers are one of the most amazing planer available in the market, check out grizzly planer reviews. Here are 6 ways in which you can reduce your thickness planer while milling wood for your projects:

Cut the snipe from the ends

One of the easiest ways to reduce the planer snipe is by cutting off the ends of the board which contains the snipe so that the planer snipe doesn’t find anything. This is a little wasteful though since you lose around 2 inches of wood from each end and have to make more cuts later on to bring it back to stability.

Adjusting the infeed/outfeed tables

One of the best ways to reduce the planer snipe is by adjusting the infeed and outfeed tables. You can raise the front and back edges of the infeed and outfeed tables respectively so that when a board is entered into the planer, its back end gets lifted up while its front end remains seated and is not raised.

Send a wasted board before and after your

Another way to reduce the snipe is by sending a sacrificial board both before and after the board you are planing. This is one of the best ways to reduce snipe as the sacrificial boards act like a part of the original board and suffer from the snipe while the middle board remains safe and without any snipe.

Attach side runner to take the brunt

If you have a small board for planing, then you can glue up a few side runners to this board so that they take the brunt of the snipe. These side runners should be thin but longer than the original board so that when you push this piece into the planer, the side runners will get sniped but not the middle board.

Running your boards at an angle

You can also adopt the method of sending your board at an angle of 15 or 30 degrees. This will help your rollers ease on your board instead of directly sniping it but again it is not a full proof plan to save your board from getting sniped, a little part of your board will get sniped still.

Lifting your board when sniping

Another way to reduce the snipe is by lifting your board when it goes inside the planer so that the board end stays away from the cutter head and won’t get sniped. You do this again when the board is coming out of the planer so that the board end which is inside the planer stays near the planer bed and away from the cutter head. This is not a full-proof method because a part of the board still gets sniped off but the damage it considerably less.

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